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Body Aesthetics LLC was created as a result of my experience with Aesthetics and my passion wanting to help people feel and look amazing.  Injectables are the best solution, for people to eliminate wrinkles and achieve a youthful look. Here at body aesthetics, we are about helping people feel and look their very best at ANY age.
I have my own personal journey with weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight so I can relate to the numerous struggles one can have in their weight loss journey. We are here to help!
We are conveniently located in Isanti, MN. 
Contact us today to schedule your consultation with a Cosmetic Injectable Instructor and board certified Nurse Practitioner. 

Office number: 612-961-9797

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     Leigha Bos APRN, FNP-C  Board Certified Nurse Practitioner Founder/Owner


     Kris Loining  R.N
     Registered Nurse

    Kris has an extensive history and 20 plus year experience as an RN in labor/delivery, ER, critical care and numerous other roles in her career. She believes in helping people looking and feeling their best. She has a diverse skill set in wrinkle relaxers, dermal fillers , IV therapy and is has excellent injection skills. Kris is also an excellent weight loss coach and helps people reach their weight loss goals.

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