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Leigha Bos

master injector

Board Certified Nurse Practitioner


Certified by Aesthetic Medical Training & cosmetic medical traininG in aesthetics. LeighA is also A AESTHETICS instructor for cosmetic medical training in addition to managing & OWNING body aesthetics. She has EXPERIENCE, training and certificatION in advanced AESTHETICS INCLUDING WRINKLE RELAXERS, dermal fillers MICRONEEDLING, Skincare, Radiesse Injections, sculptra, Kybella, PRP, IV THERAPY, plus MUCH more. Leigha has been an RN for over 17 years and HAS EARNED HER MASTERS DEGREE In NURSING And is a BOARD CERTIFIed NURSE PRACTITIONER. Leigha has a multitude of experience in aesthetics, HomeCare, CAse management, geriatrics, hospice, rehab and Pediatrics. Leigha has a natural gift for making people feel at ease during medical procedures and a passion for making people feel good about themselves.  Her integrity and values come from her strong faith and her desire to serve others. Leigha is also the founder of Body Aesthetics LLC. Conveniently located in Isanti MN.