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VitaminDrip Membership

What is a IV Vitamins Membership?


Receive one IV infusion Monthly off publicly available Vitamin drip Infusions (excluding NAD+ and High Dose Vit C) from our IV menu every month. Also receive 20% percent off any IV add-ons during the paid month. Minimum 6 month commitment. Client must renew after 6 months to continue, membership will not automatically renew. Vitamin drips  not used during the 6 month membership will roll over and expire 6 months after conclusion of membership.

Membership will be billed automatically on the day of the month you signed up for Vitamin drip membership. Membership is ***non-transferable**

A valid ID and credit card is required to enroll in Body Aesthetics LLC monthly membership.  Memberships are on a 6 month commitment and will not auto renew after 6 months, Membership dues of 125$  will be charged to your credit card on the day of the month you purchased your membership. Appointments at Body Aesthetics LLC  are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. You are responsible for scheduling your monthly service(s) in advance to ensure that you receive your preferred date and time. Rollover of service(s) is valid on active memberships, if a membership is cancelled, service(s) will be subject to loss after 6 months of inactive membership. Per our Cancellation policy, please provide 24-hour’s notice of appointment cancellation to avoid being charged a no-show fee. To cancel your membership, you are required to contact Body Aesthetics LLC  with notice of your desire to cancel your membership at minimum (14) days before your requested termination date. Body Aesthetics LLC reserves the right to cancel any membership at any time. Body Aesthetics LLC  reserves the right to adjust membership pricing and services upon thirty (30) days written notice to its Members. 

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