Vitamin D Shot


Vitamin D is necessary for the proper functioning of several systems within the body, but it is especially important and a major factor in the proper functioning of the skeletal system because it helps the body absorb and use calcium. There are several food sources of vitamin D, and the option to take a vitamin D supplement is always available. Vitamin D also comes from sun exposure – too much of which can have a negative effect on the body. Symptoms of low vitamin D may or may not be present, but letting vitamin D get too low in the body could be fatal.

How Does Vitamin D Deficiency Happen?

Vitamin D Deficiency, has been linked to cardio-vascular, auto-immune and metabolic diseases, concurrently, Vitamin D is not found in many food sources, especially for Vegans.

Also, due to an increase in sunscreen use, it has become more difficult for our body’s to absorb the vitamin D we need to function at 100%. Without the time, ability or desire to sit in the sun, external supplementation is the best way to receive all of the healing benefits of this powerful nutrient for people with a vitamin D deficiency.  Vitamin D deficiency is a much more common problem than many people realize since we do not get enough of it through the food or the sun.

To receive your first Vitamin D Shot from Body Aesthetics please present your most recent blood panel of Vitamin D to indicate you are indeed suffering from a Vitamin D deficiency. If you do not have a current blood panel, we can order a test for you!  The Vitamin D injection is $40.