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PRP Procedures 


Platelet rich plasma is the portion of our blood that contains all the growth factors that help us heal ourselves.  If you scraped your knee, yellow fluid came out, a scab formed, the scab fell off, and then there was nice new pink skin that grew in. That yellow fluid is platelet-rich plasma.

We are able to isolate and concentrate and use that portion of blood wherever we need it to aid in healing, PRP is used in the O-Shot to create new blood vessels and new nerves.

PRP treatments have most often been used to treat injuries in athletes.

PRP has been used extensively to treat sports injuries, aid in recovery from surgery, and even to treat medical conditions like hair loss.

It involves drawing blood from a patient, isolating the platelet-rich plasma from the blood, and reinjecting the platelet-rich plasma into a part of the body that needs healing.

While scientists don’t yet fully understand how it works, it appears that the platelets may have some kind of healing and restorative properties when injected into an injured part of the body by releasing up to 35 different healing substancesTrusted Source or growth factors.

Many doctors use PRP to treat muscular wounds and broken bones and claim it greatly speeds healing time.

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